VWhen did you start Mermaiding?
AI've started in 2012, but didn't get my first tail till 2013.


V: How short in advance can I book you?
A: If we're going to pick the date, the shortest would be 4-5 weeks in advance, Making an appointment for next week is usually impossible. (Though, you can always try.)


VDo you recommend mermaid swimming lessons?
A: Abshellutely, even if it's going to be just the one! Mermaiding -how beautiful and enjoyable it may be- can be really dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Always swim under supervision! As a parent you have to pay close attention to your child. Even adults should never swim alone and have a buddy who knows what he / she should do!


V: Do you give workshops and lessons yourself?
ADo send me a message so we can look at the possibilities! 

V: Do we get the photographer too during Meet & Greets / Events?
A: This is possible, but with a few terms and conditions/costs!



V: Is Mermad Faline a different person for you?
No! I may not use my real name as mermaidname, but I'm one and the same. You can look at it as a performername. I am who I am, but have used the name for many different things during the years. A lot of people call/know me as Faline so it becamse my second name on which I respond just as quickly as Lesley. So it's nothing silly!



Feel free to Contact me if you have any questions yourself!

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